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CRM clients

Sell anything with VerdeTax SRO CRM – any service you can imagine or any product you may have

CRM partners

Very good Marketing, Customers and Employees reports for easier and more successful work

CRM calendar

Great control over your
employees work and success rate

CRM finance

Create your partner network or reseller network with a single click

CRM departments

Simple and easy recreation of your
organizational structure
for better management

CRM websites

Use out of the box CMS features
to create and manage all your company websites

Don't miss your chance to improve your business

Sell anything you want! Due to the flexibility of the system you can sell everything you can imagine using VerdeCRM. No matter if you are selling services or some products you can very easily work with your clients and offer them anything you want.

Increase your income today!

How can we help to increase your success and income? We know that most important to do so is to increase the success rate of potential clients, increase your employee effectiveness, have everything under very good control, use a system that would be cheap and at the same time very effective and easy to work with. All this you will find in VerdeCRM and much more.

Report your product activity!

VerdeCRM gives an incredible chance to get reports on anything you need. Customers sorted by given criteria, marketing activities, employee success rate, affiliates success rate and many many others. We can create for you the report that you need matching all your expectations.

Internal messaging system!

In order to ensure better communication for bigger success and at the same time an increase in your and your clients security we had made for you internal messaging system. It is very easy to use and at the same time an effective way of communication between you, your employees and your clients.